Creepy things on the net

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You found us. We are absolute FX freaks. What does that mean? Now… Easy. We like the illusion. Love magically awful. We like to growled and impress others of our abilities. Our greatest skill is creativity.

Whether it's composing film music, making Halloween masks or thinking up events or terrible things. Sometimes we can't decide what to do first. So far, we've had fun developing and creating creepy ones among ourselves. Now we want to share these things with you

We'll show you how to make Halloween masks yourself. Sometimes with great-sometimes with little effort. We'll give you tips to make your next Halloween party THE howler. And that's for your guests, who run roaring through your event as much as possible before Schauder. We share our fun with you. With step-by-step instructions or tutorial videos. Have fun doing it.

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